5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Social Following Engaged and Wanting More

5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Social Following Engaged and Wanting More

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Keep it short

Obviously, Twitter limits the number of characters you can post, but other forums like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram don’t.  Just because those forums don’t have a limit doesn’t mean you should post a novel.  Posts should be engaging enough leaving the reader to want more.  If you find yourself writing more than a couple lines you may want to consider breaking it up into multiple messages – or if you have a lot to say about a certain topic consider posting a blog about it.  Hubspot recommends the following: Twitter 100 characters without a link, 120 characters with a link; Facebook 40 characters.  Additionally, Buffer Social recommends: Google+ 60 characters; LinkedIn 600 characters. 

Provide value

Educating your target audience with practical information they can use in their profession or personal life will help increase your presence as a thought leader in the community.  Try posting short tips and tricks on a certain topic related to your industry.   

Stay relevant

Providing timely and news worthy information is key to staying relevant.  Keep your audience informed of the current happenings in the industry you are in.  For example, consider posting something in the news that you can relate to your business.  If there is an update to a government policy or law that effects your industry, you could provide insight on it and promote it to your audience.   

Be consistent

To build a presence on social media you need to be consistent with your posts.  Consider a tool like Likable Local to help organize your weekly posts to ensure you continue to engage with your audience.  The frequency on posts depends on the forum, Buffer Social recommends the following posts per day: Twitter 3; Facebook 2; LinkedIn 1; Google+ 3; Instagram 1.5 (most brands average 1.5 a day).

Engage with others

Statistics show that if you are engaging with others, liking and/or commenting on other’s posts, you will be likely to get likes and comments.  Use hashtags or searches to find posts that are relevant to your industry and engage with those posters.  Also make sure to engage with your followers, respond to any comments that people post on your page and go through their feed to like and comment on their posts as well. 

For more information on building out your social media networks contact WSI @ jtroyano@wsiwebsolutionsnow.com.

How will your website rank on Google’s new mobile search index

Mobile Website

Google confirmed that it will be creating a separate search index specifically for mobile websites within the next couple months.  This falls in line with other initiatives Google has been working on to make the mobile user experience better and it also makes sense since more than half of searches happen on mobile devices.  Search engines use an index to collect and store data which in turn provide the results for the results page.  Currently, Google has a single index of documents for search that extracts data from desktop content to determine mobile rankings.  Although Google will maintain the desktop index, once the mobile search index is launched it will become the primary index and the desktop index won’t be as up to date.


What does this mean for you?

  1. If you site is not mobile friendly yet, you need to act fast.  The search index will be based on a company’s mobile site, so if your site isn’t mobilized you are at risk of not even showing up in the results.
  2. If you have a mobile site, but have not spent a lot of time building out the content your search results will suffer.  Since the mobile index will become the primary index that Google bases the search results on, content on the mobile site needs to be as robust as the desktop version.


Time to Act

There is still some time before this will take into effect, so take this opportunity to do a review of your company’s website.  There are tools (i.e Google’s Page Speed Tools, Usability Hub, Google Analytics, Compete.com) you can use to perform a full site analysis including seeing your search engine results, how you measure against competitors, and common key words among your industry.


Next follow a couple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices for mobile devices, such as ensuring page speed is up to par, allowing CSS, JavaScript, or images to come through, as well as not using Flash or having pop-ups.


Finally, and most importantly ensure your site is optimized for mobile and has a responsive design.


If any of this seems like a daunting task to you, contact WSI to find out more information regarding Google’s new search engine index and how you can prepare your site for the update.

Are PDF’s Harming Your SEO Ranking?


Customize For The Medium You Are Using

When you create a marketing piece for your business you need to customize it for the medium you are using.  For instance you wouldn’t use the same artwork that you have for a bill board on RT 66 on a business card, would you?  The message on the billboard needs to be simplified and easy to read when folks are speeding by.  Your business card may have more detail and information.  This is the same thought process for digital.  You want to create small vinnets of information leaving the reader with a feeling of wanting more.  Your brochure is a printed piece and may be laid out in a way that is not digital friendly.  The information in the brochure will not be as searchable as it would be on a Web page.

For example if you own a spa and have your brochure on your website instead of creating a landing page for your brochure people won’t find your “Thai Massage” offering through a generic online search.  Although PDFs are indexed in Google they are not highly ranked as specific key words may be.

The content in both the brochure and Web page can be similar and you can re purpose the copy.  The goal is to use key words popular in your industry in a well written way to increase your ranking, which will help increase page views leading to more sales.  It’s simple – use PDFs for printed pieces, email attachments, or as an additional enhancement to your website; not to replace content that should be written on your website.

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